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May 28, 2024


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Neurovascular Exchange provides the most relevant on line neurointerventional information and education for health care providers. Neurovascular Exchange allows the neurointerventional community to be kept up to date in this ever-evolving field. The site includes relevant news, videos and presentations from all over the world on the latest in neurointervention.

You can utilize the robust Neurovascular Exchange platform to publish your work and share your knowledge. A very unique feature is that you can submit your interventional video or presentation for publication at Neurovascular Exchange after peer review.

Our mission is to deliver to you efficiently the most relevant clinical and technical information and health care education in cerebrovascular intervention.

“Maximum education. Minimum Time.”

Subscription to Neurovascular Exchange is free through completion of the registration form found at The majority of funding for Neurovascular Exchange is derived from unrestricted sponsorships and grants from medical device, imaging and pharmaceutical companies.


Editor in Chief

Demetrius Lopes 
Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery
Comprehensive Stroke Program Surgical Director
Advocate Health 
Chicago, IL 


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Adam Arthur
Memphis, TN

Blaise Baxter
Chattanooga, TN

Alain Bonafe
Montpellier, France

Saruhan Cekirge      
Ankara, Turkey

Rene Chapot            
Essen, Germany

Vincent Costalat        
Montpellier, France

Webster Crowley      
Chicago, IL

Guilherme Dabus      
Miami, FL

Jens Fiehler              
Hamburg, Germany

Don Frei                    
Denver, CO

Matthew Gounis
Boston, MA

Ricardo Hanel          
Jacksonville, FL

Bo Hong                  
Shanghai, China

Civan Islak                
Istanbul Turkey

Kiffon Keigher          
Chicago, IL

Naci Kocer              
Istanbul, Turkey

Timo Krings              
Toronto, Canada

Italo Linfante            
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Atlanta, GA

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Cincinnati, OH

Isil Saatci                
Ankara, Turkey

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Buffalo, NY

Satoshi Tateshima    
Los Angeles, CA

Aquilla Turk     
Charleston, SC

Ajay Wakhloo      
Boston, MA




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